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I was killed by a toilet seat from the Mir space station.

Now I'm a Grim Reaper

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Name:Georgia (George) Lass
Birthdate:Mar 31, 1985
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Website:Dead Like Me
Life of a Grim Reaper
Hit and killed by a toilet seat from the Mir Space Station on June 27, 2003, this smart and sassy 18-year old college dropout learns that instead of moving on to her own afterlife, she will become a grim reaper in the "External Influence" division. She soon finds out that she's responsible for removing the souls of people who die in accidents, suicides, and homicides, preferably just before they die, and escorting them to their afterlife.

Reapers have a physical body and interact with the living and the dead. Besides collecting souls, Reapers have powers to remain ageless (which means she's still 18), heal extremely quickly, drink alcohol without suffering a hangover, and forcibly pull a soul from a living body and replace it.

In the real world George's name is now Millie Hagen and they look nothing alike. Humans will see her as Millie except on Halloween, the one day of the year that humans can see Reapers as their real selves. All non-humans and the dead will see her as Georgia but if they catch a glimpse of her reflection, they will see Millie. Even though her real world name is now Millie, she rarely uses it, preferring to go by George.

For role play purposes, this picks up at the end of the series. George has been relocated from Seattle, Washington to Manhattan, NYC along with her boss Rube (who affectionately calls her Peanut) and fellow reapers Mason, Roxy, and Daisy. Now transplanted in NYC, they're adjusting to life in the big apple.

Mun and Muse are both over 18.

Georgia 'George' Lass is from the Showtime series Dead Like Me and is portrayed by Ellen Muth. I have no rights to either of them. No profit is being made and this is purely for fun.

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